Modernising pet healthcare, to suit your lifestyle

ZumVet provides easy access to affordable veterinary care through video calls and house calls.

You can make online bookings for:
- Video calls: Pet owners can speak to our trusted vets from 7am-12mn
- House Visits: Have a vet visit where and when it is convenient.
- Home-based services: If you would like someone to teach or help with giving medication, ZumVet can arrange for someone to assist you, in the comfort of your home.


ZumVet is run by a passionate team who have a deep love for pets and want to be able to provide the best possible care for them while value-adding to their owners.

Athena Lee
Co-founder and CEO

Athena was previously CEO of Doctor Anywhere, a Singapore-based telemedicine platform, and consulted on various healthcare projects in the region. At home, she is a slave to two adopted local cats, Zuzu and MmmBoi.

Her favourite part about cats is the tufts of fur between their toe pads. "I love watching my cats when they’re about to pounce on something – that intense stare and then the butt wiggle."

Grace Su
Co-founder and COO

Grace currently serves as a part-time doctor on Doctor Anywhere, a Singapore-based telemedicine platform and has keen insight on the perspectives of healthcare providers. She was previously the Clinic Manager at The Iron Suites Medical Centre and the Medical Director of Salus Medical Solutions.

Having grown up with a Jack Russell Terrier, she originally identified as a "dog person" – that was until she adopted Mel, an 8-year-old local cat.

She enjoys nose bumps with Mel, napping with a cat on her head, and embraces the label of "crazy cat lady".

Michelle Loh
Co-founder and Head Veterinarian

Michelle began her career in a small animal mixed practice in Singapore, treating patients across diverse species. She then joined the laboratory animal unit at a local university, where the cutting-edge biomedical research program allowed her to hone her skills caring for rodents and rabbits and tackling complex anaesthetic cases.

She enjoys yoga, hiking, cooking, spaghetti bolognese and bargain hunting. The current loves of her life are two #singaporespecials Mini and Sandy, whom she enjoys taking photos and videos of, while they are asleep.

"I've seen how much pet owners worry about their pets, but because of how tight their schedules are, it is hard to get to a vet for timely diagnosis and treatment of their pets' illnesses. I hope ZumVet will be able to get them quicker access so their pets can receive treatment before their conditions become more serious."

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Cher Zi Xin
Operations Manager

Zi Xin was previously the Operations Team Lead at Doctor Anywhere, a Singapore-based telemedicine platform. She has pharmaceutical knowledge and has been involved in the human healthcare landscape since 2011.

Perfectionist, punctilious and precisionist would be apt descriptions of this Aquarist who keeps 5 beautiful Siamese fighting fishes.

"I am eager to apply what I have learnt in telemedicine for humans to benefit the veterinary community in Singapore. As Steve Jobs taught us, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" and I am proud to say, Yes, this is Team ZumVet!"

Michelle Tng (aka Mish)
Marketing Partner and Co-founder of Dylan Takes the Stage

A potential client turned business partner, Mish was sold by the ZumVet vision instantly. Mish began her career in an advertising agency and then moved to marketing in various industries. After moving back to Singapore from a 4+ years Hong Kong stint, she co-founded her boutique branding and marketing agency, Dylan Takes The Stage and now partners with ZumVet to bring the brand to the right people.

In her free time, Mish enjoys chilling with Ninja, her geriatric ginger cat and travelling.

"I love how much value ZumVet can add to us as consumers of a very traditional service. I think it also makes so much sense! As human beings, many of us hate visiting the dentist or doctor, how much more for animals! It’s the perfect solution for our loyal companions."