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When should I use ZumVet?

  • non emergency

    Non-Emergency Cases

    Most common pet issues such as diarrhoea or itchy skin can be treated from home. All you need is professional advice from qualified vets.

  • early intervention

    Early Intervention

    Detect and receive effective care from licensed vets before conditions worsen

  • chronic issues

    Chronic Issues

    Track and monitor your pet's health with our free health records system, and receive advice for long-term care

  • behavioural advice

    Behavioural Advice

    Your pet can't talk, but their behaviours signal potential issues. We provide expert advice to get your pet the relief it needs.

  • general wellness

    General Wellness Advice

    Get professional recommendations and advice on any pet care question you may have

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Revolutionising pet health care

By leveraging on technology, ZumVet is able to help pet owners triage emergency situations and can serve as a first point of contact for owners to decide if a physical consultation is required.

Grace & AthenaCo-founders of ZumVet
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Social mission beyond pet owners

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Collaboration with Project Luni

Rehoming and Caring for Street Cats in Singapore

As part of our Pay It Forward initiative, we donate $5 in medical fees to Project Luni with every new ZumVet sign up through their partner link!

We also host Kitten Cuddles & Coffee, their monthly Kitten adoption drive at ZumHaus, our pet community space.

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