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Book a consultation with our team of experts from the comfort of your home. Learn trade secrets and gain access to holistic / comprehensive treatment plans for your fur baby here.

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How Our Online Specialty Consultations Work


Register/Sign in an account

Create a profile for your pet(s) and input basic health information


Book a teleconsult

Select your preferred time slot for the expert consult


Speak to an Expert

Gain access to plans designed to address your pet's health concerns.


Get products delivered

Purchase expert-recommended products and supplement that is delivered to your doorstep.

Comprehensive care at your fingertips

  • Bespoke Treatment Plans

    Tailored plans to address specific medical conditions, preferences, and goals, for effective and appropriate care.

  • Holistic Care

    Emotional, mental, and social factors accounted for to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for your fur kid.

  • Countless Success Stories

    Our panel of experts have many years of experience under their belt and have helped numerous pet owners achieve their goals.

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Common issues our vets can help with

  • Pet allergies
    Dog diarrhoea
    Cat itchy skin
    Cat ear treatment
    Dog dental health
    Pet diet & nutrition
    Cat fur loss
  • Dog gut health
    Flea & tick treatment
    Pet behaviour
    Pet nutrition
    Dog osteoarthritis
    Cat vomiting

and more!

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Our panel of experts are here to provide your pets with holistic healthcare.

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