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COCO SSdamSSdam Wet Wipes for DOG (Bundle of 3)

Skin/Coat Care
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Pamper your pets more by spending less with our value pack! Our COCO SSdamSSdam for DOG is now available in a bundle of 3 for ONLY $43.20.

The COCO SSdamSSdam Wet Wipes for Dogs are a great solution for dog owners who are looking to provide a quick yet effective clean-up after outdoor sessions for their dogs, or for dogs that dislike baths and showers. Unlike regular antibacterial wipes, this product is designed as glove-shaped wipes which enable easy access to hard-to-reach and sensitive areas around the eyes, snout, ears, and paws.

Highly recommended by vets, these wet wipes contain cultured coconut extract, which helps to moisturize and nourish a dog's skin and fur. It is also three times more effective than regular coconut oil. Each pack contains 10 gloves.


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