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Pet Care Startup ZumVet raises US$3.7 million in Series A Funding

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ZumVet, a Singapore-based pet care startup, has raised US$3.7 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by Quest Ventures and existing investor Pine Venture Partners, with support from Pentepebble Holdings. Their previous investors include Purpose Venture Capital and Aetius Capital.

The funding will be used to expand its product offerings across more species, accelerate its digital capabilities, and expand into new markets.
ZumVet’s mission is to provide accessible and affordable care to all animals. The startup offers a range of remote care options, home-based diagnostics and self-administered treatment programs for animal caregivers throughout Southeast Asia. Through a comprehensive online-to-offline ecosystem, ZumVet has raised the quality of care by facilitating better interactions between pet owners and veterinary providers.

“The number of animals requiring care is increasing at a monumental rate, and to tackle this growing demand, ZumVet’s omnichannel solution will be key to delivering seamless, quality care. Our approach hinges on three core values – extreme efficiency, ‘always on’ care, and constant innovation.
We are making it easier for caretakers to make better health and wellness related decisions for their animals” said Athena Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of ZumVet.

In the last 6 months, ZumVet has accelerated its footprint across Southeast Asia and its revenue grew by over 250% during this period. The main contributors to this growth were key partnerships with pet
care groups and strong product sales.

“We are incredibly excited to continue our journey with ZumVet and its mission to help all animals easily access affordable healthcare. We have been working with ZumVet team from its early days and have witnessed expansion of the services globally and are proud that the team has stayed nimble and resilient in the last three years of running business despite the global pandemic. We look forward to seeing ZumVet’s next stage with our full commitment and support,” said Hyuk-Tae Kwon, Co-Founder
and CEO of Pine Venture Partners.

“ZumVet’s hybrid clinic experience will serve as key infrastructure in streamlining the provision of veterinary care. Their approach aligns with our belief that the “humanization of pets” trend is here to stay. The ZumVet team is passionate about animals and the co-founders are dynamic leaders with a wealth of experience in digital health. Together, as partners, we hope to accelerate their journey to raise the standard of veterinary care,” said Tandip Singh Wasan, Technical Advisor to Quest Ventures’ Future of Food Fund.

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