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How does ZumVet’s Autoship work?

Want to enjoy easy and convenient shopping for your beloved pet over Christmas? Read on to find out more about how ZumVet's Autoship work!

What is Autoship?

Autoship, the superhero of convenience! Imagine this: you love a product so much that you wish it magically appeared at your doorstep without lifting a finger each time you run low. Well, that’s Autoship for you—a subscription-based wonder that takes the hassle out of reordering. Whether it’s your furry friend’s favourite cat food, dog food or those must-have pet supplements and pet preventatives, ZumVet’s autoship swoops in to save the day by scheduling and delivering your chosen items regularly. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant that ensures you never run out of your beloved must-haves. So sit back, relax, and let Autoship be your sidekick in the world of hassle-free deliveries!

Why is Autoship useful?

Autoship offers numerous benefits for both pet owners and their furry companions, making it a convenient and practical option in various ways:

  1. Convenience

Autoship eliminates the hassle of remembering to reorder pet supplies regularly. With scheduled deliveries, you can ensure a consistent supply of affordable high quality pet food, treats, medications, or other essentials, that are vet-approved. You can save time in searching for the best pet products, and at the same time never run out of pet supplies ever again. Isn’t that sweet?

  1. Consistency in Pet Care

Regular and timely delivery of pet supplies ensures consistency in feeding schedules and healthcare routines. This is especially crucial for pets with specific dietary needs, medications, or health conditions that require uninterrupted supply and adherence to prescribed regimens. This also ensures that your pet receives continuous care, promoting their health and well-being. You may also cancel or skip the delivery when needed.

  1. Enjoy cost savings of up to 20% off on pet essentials

Our autoship offers up to 20% off, inclusive of free delivery and free gifts worth $30 on every order. We ensure an affordable range of pet supplies for your furry companions, as their well-being is our priority.

How to use Autoship on ZumVet?

What products are available on Autoship?

We offer a wide range of dietary products from Royal Canin, PETCUBES and Hill’s. preventatives such as Nexgard, Bravecto and Advocate, and supplements such as Antinol and VetzPRO. Currently, we have over 40 products available for autoship, and more to come!

For the full list of products, check out our autoship page.


  • Look out for product precautions and disclaimers before buying the product
  • You’ll receive a reminder of the next time your card will be charged for the next autoship delivery
  • Easily cancel or skip the autoship order anytime


If you are unsure of what preventatives to give your pet, you can book a video consultation with us or visit our clinic! Our experienced and helpful veterinarians will assist and provide you with necessary information you want to know about your beloved furry friend. In the meantime, happy ordering on ZumVet using autoship!

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