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Scrolling through cat hacks on TikTok? We've all seen the viral trend of claiming raising chickens alongside your cat and feeding them the eggs eliminates allergies. Before you build a coop, let's separate the purr-sistent myths from the scientific facts.
Worried about your dog or cat not eating? Find our why and how to stimulate their appetite here!
Join ZumVet on this nutritional journey to give our beloved pets the happy, healthy lives they deserve!
Protect your pup's health with our guide to 25 fruits and their potential risks for dogs. Fruit or foe? Find out which fruits your furry friend can or cannot eat.
Dog joint problems can be a great pain for your dog. But, with the right supplements recommended by vets, you can help your dog manage it better.
Pet obesity is a growing problem. How to check if your pet is overweight or obese? Read more to find out!