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Lillidale Stinky Wash (250ml)

Skin/Coat Care
Skin Health

Is your furry friend a fan of rolling in the most unpleasant odors? No need to worry anymore because Lillidale Stinky Wash is here to rescue both you and your dog from the stinkiest situations!

Lillidale Stinky Wash is specially designed for those dogs who can't resist the allure of foul-smelling substances. Our unique formula features the invigorating power of lemon extract and the moisturizing goodness of provitamin B5. These ingredients work together to refresh and hydrate your dog's coat and skin, making bath time a delightful experience.

But what truly sets Lillidale Stinky Wash apart is the inclusion of saccharomyces ferment. This miraculous ingredient goes above and beyond by not only eliminating malodors but also leaving behind a long-lasting papaya and coconut scent.

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