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OOMMI Pet Ear & Eye Care (60ml)

Introducing the future of pet hygiene – the Oommi Probiotics Pet Ear and Eye Care is formulated from a powerful blend of live beneficial microbes, cultured using advanced Japanese technology. It’s very important to keep our furry friends’ eyes and ears clean, clear, and healthy! Prevention is always better than cure!

Oommi Probiotics Pet Ear and Eye Care can be used for;-

Eye Infections; –

●      Squinting or holding the eyelid shut

●      Tearing or scratching at the eye

●      Redness or cloudiness

●      A distended third eyelid

●      Crusty discharge

Ear Infections; –

●      Head shaking or tilting

●      Scratching at the ear

●      Rubbing head on the floor

●      Redness or swelling

●      Discharge

●      Foul odour

NO drugs, steroids, hormones and preservatives.

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