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OOMMI Pet Living Cleaner (500ml)

Do you know probiotics are more than just a supplement for your gut? They are actually amazing natural cleaners that don’t just effectively remove unpleasant odours, clean pet urine, faeces and vomit but also bad bacteria and biofilm on a microscopic level.

Warning: Pathogens and viruses can form and hide under layers of biofilm on any surface in your pets living area and are resistant to chemical cleaners and disinfectants!

Introducing the future of cleaning - the Oommi Probiotics Pet Living Cleaner is formulated from a powerful blend of live beneficial microbes, cultured using an advanced Japanese technology. It releases millions of live probiotics that repopulate your pets living surfaces and continues to clean for days - a true clean, unlike anything you’ve seen.

OOMMI Probiotics Pet Living Cleaner provides the following benefits: -

•           Kills bad bacteria

•           Removes germs, biofilm & odour

•           Removes dust, dirt and oil on surfaces

•           Gentle on skin

•           Biodegradable

•           SLS/SLES, paraben & alcohol free

•           Continues to clean for days

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