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5 Fun Ideas for a Chinese New Year Celebration with Your Furkids

Looking for ideas on how to involve your furkids in your Chinese New Year celebration? We got you covered with 5 fun ideas that are hassle-free yet meaningful!

Chinese New Year has always been a time when families gather to celebrate the beginning of a brand new lunar year. For pawrents like yourself, it’s always nice if you can share the joy of such a celebratory occasion with your furkids. The trick is to be creative about it and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be hard at all because we’ve got 6 fun ideas on how you can celebrate Chinese New Year with your furkids!

brushing a big fluffy white dog

1. Spring clean your home.. And your furkid

Spring cleaning is an auspicious activity before every the official Lunar New Year celebrations, which is traditionally done to remove the bad luck of the previous year to make room for the new. It also serves as a great opportunity for families to have a great bonding time while engaging in thorough cleaning together.

Your furkid though, might also be participating in spring cleaning by walking around the home, laying down on dirty ground and collecting them with its fur. This is why it also deserves a special “spring cleaning” session during such a festive occasion. It could be a quality bath filled with tea, pomelo leaves or even medicated anti-fungal shampoo that can degrease the skin and kill micro-organisms. Thinking of how to bless your furkid with good health? This is a great way to do it too!

Finish it off with a nice massage using a hypoallergenic conditioner and a brush to leave their coat of fur shining and smooth for the new year!

healthy fresh pet food

2. Treat your furkid to a special meal

Everyone is looking to feast during Chinese New Year, and your dog deserves one too. So, why not prepare a festive meal for your pet?

Something based on auspicious ingredients such as fish or chicken which is traditionally known to represent prosperity and good luck respectively would be even better! A simple one could be a bowl of fresh steamed chicken topped with fish floss for your pet cat or dog!

Alternatively, taking your furkid out to pet-friendly cafes after the holiday periods of Chinese New Year could be great as an outing idea too! However, be sure to give them a call to be sure that they are still open for business before heading down.

brown cat in red cheongsam

3. Host a pet costume contest.

Dressing up your pet in traditional Chinese New Year costumes can be a fun and entertaining activity for both you and your furkid. You can either get make your own or you could shop for something you and your furkid prefer.

What’s even better is to share the fun with your friends and their furkids by hosting a pet costume contest to see which is the best-dressed festive furkid! Set your own rules and be creative about it. The point is for you, your friends and the furkids to have a good time altogether!

4. Go for a walk in the park

Aside from visiting your family members and friends, Chinese New Year is also the perfect occasion to go somewhere quiet and simply relax. During this period, there’s nothing better than taking your pet for a walk in the park or if you have a dog, bring them to the local dog runs.

This is a great opportunity for your furkid to burn the extra calories they have gained through all the goodies they have consumed during the celebrations through exercise. For you as the owner, it’s the perfect time to chill out from long days of visiting by immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of nature.

woman helping a dog in pet shelter

5. Give back to a local pet shelter

Chinese New Year is also a good time to give back and show kindness to others, including the furry ones.

Consider donating to a local pet shelter in honor of your pet. If you are looking to be more active in your contribution, you can also volunteer by helping out in their pet care drives (if any, after the holiday period). While you are there, take some time to learn some pet care tips from the pet handlers who should be able to teach you something that is easy-to-apply.


So, there you have it. We hope these tips are helpful enough to spur some inspiration on celebrating Chinese New Year with your pet and if it happens, we’d love to see it for ourselves. So, feel free to share clips or posts about your festive celebrations and tag us on our Instagram or Facebook page. From all of us at Zumvet, we wish you and your pets a prosperous Chinese New Year with great health to come!

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