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72% of Indonesian people are animal lovers, what is the prediction for 2023?

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Are you team cat or dog? Or are you rooting for another pet team?

In the past, owning pets for some Indonesians may only be limited to a hobby. Now, there are more Indonesians considering animals to be loyal friends, to the point of being part of the family. However, what is the trend prediction for pet care in Indonesia in 2023?

Pet owners in Indonesia increased by 129%

The results of a survey conducted by Euromaster in 2022 states that pet owners in Indonesia from 2017 to 2021 have increased by 129%. This is due to the pandemic which limits Indonesian people from leaving their homes, so they decide to keep animals as their daily companions.

Until 2022, 72% of Indonesians are animal lovers. The majority of animal lovers in Indonesia are “anabul” (fur children in Bahasa Indonesia) parents, because they have at least one cat or dog. The animal lover community in Indonesia has also increased rapidly due to the role of social media and gathering events that are held offline. One of them is Animal Defenders Indonesia, an organization with a mission to rescue dogs and cats, and providing education to Indonesians on pet care.

Trend prediction of pet care in Indonesia in 2023

Pet care has also increased in demand generally and animal lovers in 2023 will find it easier to get quality food at affordable prices and easier to access pet healthcare.

In addition, quoting from Jawa Pos, chairman of ASPIN (Indonesian Pet Shop Association), drh. Adi Sasmita said that digital technology provides great potential for the pet healthcare industry in Indonesia. An online animal consultation service is one of them.

In fact, more than 60% of pet problems can be solved at home, such as when a pet has diarrhea, itching, or if it needs preventative solutions. Several types of online animal consultation services that are commonly offered are video calls with veterinarians, house visits, or medication refills.

Some of the advantages of using an online veterinary consultation service are that the price is more affordable, the process is fast, and there is no need to go and stand in line at the veterinary clinic. This online animal consultation is suitable for animals who feel stressed when they are outside their home or in a new environment.

Are you also a pet lover who might be looking for online vet consultations? Be sure to find out more from our professional vets at ZumVet and if you are also looking for some valuable tips about pet care, feel free to find out more in our blog.

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